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The ART of UI

 Karen Sori

It began with a thought-- how personal and hand-crafted neighborhood garage sales are.  How they reveal so much about the individuals through their belongings.  And how earnest everything is - from scrawled, slanted writings on blinding neon posters to embarrassingly unstylish relics of the past.  it became clear from the start that the design language should embody the sincerity of the characters Molly had created and honor the humorous spirit in which Josh captured them on film.

But how do we untangle, organize, and build a story with a multitude of narrative paths and characters, and do so in a stylistically coherent way?

I kept returning to the core of why I found this story so compelling. The Garage Sale captures the heart and humor of the everyday.  It is in the unassuming that we often find our greatest moments of comedy and tragedy.  Our lives can feel as though they were a play unfolding in unexpected settings at the most untimely of moments surround by zany characters.  So what better platform than the theatre, which embodies itself, now set to capture the grand spectacle of a Saturday morning garage sale!

So the stage was set.  And as a thematic framework, it gave us great opportunities in how we navigated and structured our story. As plays have scenes, changing backdrops, players entering and exiting - we approached our characters and their paths in the same way.  We found the natural eb

b and flow of each character's storyline.  We found opportunities for intersection between the various stories and built moments for exploration.   This new layers of discovery an navigation amplified the intricacies of telling a multifaceted story - to be able to move through narratives as through a three-dimensional space.

The Garage Sale was a unique investigation into what lies ahead for future story-telling.  No longer are we confined to the walls

of a frame or the horizontality of time.  There are now new

layers to consider, to create, to build and to explore.

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