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Molly Hagan

A couple of years ago, I was spitballing with some friends about a garage sale short film idea.  We discussed a scene where a couple talked seriously in the foreground while (a la Blake Edwards) something physically comedic happened with a different couple in the background. The idea hit us that those kind of moments could be interactive. Meaning a viewer could hit a button and go into the background to see what was happening with that other couple.  

I approached Josh with my little schtick-and-bit script.  He loved it, and further suggested fleshing out all the couples, writing three complete, concurrent story lines that had their own arcs that were equally important.  Each couple’s story would happen in real time in sync with the others, and the audience could cut from one couple to another at any point.  

Josh saw what it could be, that it could be an opportunity to expand the viewers experience and make it truly interactive.  All I heard was “THREE SIMULTANEOUS SCRIPTS THAT HAVE TO SYNC UP!"  I didn’t speak for a while and eventually whined, “Oh god… ok... But how do I write that?”  Josh came up with the idea of writing it with the page set up in landscape with three

identically spaced columns, so every couple had their own column.  That way I could, more or less, keep track of time and also have a visual sense of the three stories happening all at once as I was writing.

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